I am BACK on TUMBLR! I miss yall
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Anonymous: You probably won't answer me but I really wanted to know where you purchased your curly hair wig from it looks so natural and i want something like that for the summer. If you could help me out i would greatly appreciate it thanks in advance beautiful and and God Bless :)

Shalom ,I am soooo late, I rarely be on Tumblr. I have no computer, but once I get one I will be on it! and hmm I brought it at this site called, hairsister.com or blckbeautyspray.com I believe. Have a nice night

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beautifulllbliss: what inspired you to do your braids so thick & big ???? are they heavy ? they look really cool on you I couldn't pull em off but sick style love it !!

Hey! and I am so late with this response. But I honestly wanted them to be big, and africancreature inspired me. I didnt know I can rock something so big but yet look so elegant with it. And no they are not heavy at all. and THANKYOU 

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I worried that my decision to abstain from self-destruction was turning me into a bore. I began to think that in my current state I was too sane for therapy.
Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel (via thechocolatebrigade)
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